Spring 2021 Young Entrepreneurs Market

Sunday, May 23rd

YEM is back! The Young Entrepreneurs Market (YEM) by The Community Tap aims to provide a safe environment for kids to practice and sharpen their entrepreneurial skills. You're invited to come out and purchase hand-made items and special services from these motivated kids in our community! The event will be held Sunday, May 23rd at The Community Tap North Main location from 3 - 5pm outside. Applications are due by April 30th via email to Kimmie Hale (kimmie@thecommunitytap.com)

Have a young entrepreneur ready to sell?

Here are the details:

YE must be between the ages of 7 and 15 and can offer a variety of products and services at the Market. All ideas are encouraged. Prices should not exceed $20 per product or service. Some examples of products and services offered by YE’s are: jewelry, Make and Take crafts, toys, costumes, face painting, gifts, original artwork, fundraisers, magnets, paper weights, upcycled/repurposed items, and more! Baked goods are allowed, but must be labeled with ingredients and we will limit the number of tables selling baked goods. Kids can work together as a school group, scouts, a local fundraiser, with friends, siblings, or alone. We encourage parents to assist their children when necessary (ie.. purchasing supplies, getting organized, using the oven, driving) however, parents are not allowed to make items for the children to sell OR sell their own handmade items at their child’s table.

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Contact Us

Email us at kimmie@thecommunitytap.com or anna@thecommunitytap.com for further questions regarding the Young Entrepreneurs Market!

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